Feng Shui & Space Clearing
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If you want to change your life,

change 27 things in your house.

Chinese proverb 


Feng Shui

Inviting Wellbeing

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of  placement. It looks how freely the “chi” can move within a space. Among the rest, this depends on architectural structures, colours, placement and shapes.

There are many schools of Feng Shui. I honour the essence of this traditional science while focussing on its practical application and the aesthetic taste in our Western culture. 


Through my 25 years of working in the healing field I developed a wisdom and psychic insight in human nature. I therefore work on a very personal and individual level,

adapting all my Feng Shui suggestions to my client`s needs. 


A Feng Shui Consultation will benefit any kind of space, from private homes to restaurants, from classrooms to an office, from special event locations to a Horse Farm.



Space Clearing

A fresh Breeze

The Space Clearing is a specialised branch of  Feng Shui. It clears, purifies the energy and frees spaces from "old energies" which have left their traces in a room or house. 

A Space Clearing is advisable in times of changes or emotional challenging times or when you move to a new home.

It is also recommended omn a regular basis for busier spaces which are visited by large numbers of people, such as shops, doctors and lawyers offices.


Best combined with Feng Shui, Space Clearing can positively prepare the way for a successful new beginning.


Feng Shui or a Space Clearing could transform the following situations:


- A shop owner had many customers coming in her shop but they rarely bought something.

- A woman wonders why she has much less social contacts since she moved to her new flat.

- A couple moved in their "dream house" with view on Lake Starnberg. And ever since they have a lot of arguements.

- Another family cannot sleep since they moved in the new flat.

- A company expands and needs a bigger office. The turnover decreased after the move considerably.


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