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Individual Sessions

Space and Grace® Massage

for Vitalisation and Regeneration

This massage combines many elements, including deep tissue and swedish massage, Reiki, Aura-Soma and Chakra Balancing. My healing touch and profound experience will relax, nourish and balance you in the best and most enjoyable way possible.


Space and Grace® Reconnection

Awakening a new feeling of life and a heightened sense of well-being

Space and Grace® Reconnection is a series of 4 individual sessions on 4 consecutive days. Here the strong healing energy of the Reikimaster meets the precision of the metaphysical surgeon.

This series is a unique gift to youself and can deeply transform your life, opening up to new possibilities and a new appreciation for life. It can also offer support during emotional or challenging times, times of transition, burn out, as a preparation for exams or can simply be used to charge up your batteries.




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