Virag von Richthofen
Healer, Coach, Trainer and Founder of Space and Grace®

After working as a travel agent and guest host I studied educational science. Yet,  I wanted "more"  than I could get at University...This longing lead me to meditation and to Osho, an enlightened spiritual master. 18 years I spent in Oshos Mystery School, - 6 years in Germany, 6 years in India, 6 years in America.

1989 I started in India to work as a Reikimaster. Simultaneously I got invited to join a 10 years ongoing training as a chakra specialist and metaphysical surgeon. Since then many other trainings and methods improved continually my natural talent for healing.


For many years I experimented with the art of clearing spaces energetically and in 1990 I offered my first professional Space Clearing. My lifelong passion for transforming outer spaces and its energetic effect on the inhabitants lead me 1994 to Tony Cuneo,  a well known Feng Shui Master in Sedona/Arizona. The following 2 years, I was privileged to study with him, taking his trainings and attending about 80 of his consultations.
Over the years I have taken many other trainings with i.e. Dr Lim, Howard Choy, Pierre Casteur, Karen Kingston. I am also certified by  Terrah Cathryn Collins, Western School of Feng Shui/ California. 


I received my certification as a Business Coach at the University of Applied Siences in Kempten.

Since 2004 I live in Starnberg, since 2001 happily married.

My passion and merit is to move, clear and transform energies in the body mind system as well as in outer spaces. Space and Grace® wants to enhance your life through finding more relaxation, awareness and appreciation for oneself and others.

My depth of work grows as I am growing.


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